SafSpirit C-70 Rum Yeast


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500g Brick

SafSpirit C-70 Rum Yeast


Robust, multipurpose strain & one of the most popular within distillers. Produces very high quality alcohol from all kinds of substrates, with subtle congeners. Used extensively in the Caribbean & Central America for producing good quality potable alcohol & Rums from sugar cane juice or molasses. Very good performance in agave juice (mezcals & tequila). Good option for low and medium gravity grain mash fermentation.

20g Pitch are Hygienically re-packaged into Mylar sealed Cryovac foils.

Each pack is enough for a 50L wash.

FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: 25°C – 33°C. This yeast may ferment at lower temperatures with slower kinetics. At higher temperatures, this yeast may ferment with lower alcohol yields.

① Rehydrate the yeast in 10 times its volume of water or wort at 25°C – 35 °C
② Leave to rest for 15 minutes
③ Gently stir
④ Pitch in the fermenter

A good yeast nutrient such as Lallemand Fermaid AT is recommended with this yeast.