Wheat Vodka Recipe


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Wheat Vodka

All Grain Recipe Kit

All grain Vodka recipe for a 20L wash

Made primarily from wheat that will yield a Smooth, Clean, & slightly Sweet neutral spirit with a full mouthfeel. The finished product can be enjoyed on its own or mixed in cocktails, and is a popular choice for those who prefer a lighter, more neutral taste in their drinks.

7.9% / 18.3 °P

This recipe includes 7.25kg Grain, Packet of Yeast & Packet of Enzyme

Brewfather Recipe Link: Wheat Vodka Recipe

70% efficiency

Batch Volume: 20 L

Boil Time: 10 min

Mash Water: 23.08 L

Sparge Water: 5.1 L

Total Water: 28.18 L

Boil Volume: 22.38 L

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.074


Original Gravity: 1.075

Final Gravity: 1.015

IBU (Rager): 0

Color: 10 EBC 

Malts 7.25kg

4kg (53.3%) Wheat Malt Grain 4.1 EBC

2kg (26.7%) Distillers Malt Grain 4 EBC

1kg (13.3%) Malted Oats Grain 4 EBC

250g (3.3%) Acidulated Malt Grain 2.5 EBC


250g (3.3%) Rice Hulls - Adjunct 0 EBC


1 pkt Still Spirits Distiller's Enzyme - Glucoamylase - Mash

7.5g Fermaid AT -Primary


20g Safspirit HG-1 High Gravity Yeast 80%


Primary 24 °C - 14 days