Wai-iti Hops T90 2022 2.2%AA


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Wai-iti Hops

T90 2022 2.2%AA

Wai-iti hops are known for producing delicate & fruity flavours, with notes of Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, & Stone fruit such as Peach & Apricot. They can also contribute a slight Herbal & Floral character to beer. The aroma profile of Wai-iti hops is often described as Fresh & Zesty, with a bright & refreshing quality perfect for summer beers or other light & refreshing styles.

The Wai-iti hop has a low alpha acid content, which means that it is not particularly bitter and is often used for aroma and flavour rather than bitterness.

Wai-iti hops are a variety of New Zealand hop that is known for its delicate and fruity flavour profile. These hops are typically used in Lighter beer styles, such as Pale Ales & Lagers, and are prized for their ability to add a refreshing, citrusy aroma to these beers.