StellarClean PBW 1kg


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StellarClean PBW 1kg

Powerful Brewing Wash

Brewery Cleaner, Beer Line Cleaner, Keg Wash

An alkaline, non-caustic, environmentally & user friendly cleaner.
Because of its unique formulation of buffers & mild alkalis, it is safe on skin as well as soft metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and on plastics.

StellarClean uses active oxygen to penetrate carbon or protein soils and is not effected by hard water. 

StellarClean has been formulated as a C.I.P. cleaner and is very effective in removing protein soils found on Brew Kettles, Kegs, Fermenters, conditioning Tanks, Filters and all packaging areas.

This product has cleaned Brass & Copper filters, and industrial aluminum surfaces successfully.

If you repeatedly use sodium percarbonate as a general cleaner, you will eventually start to notice a build up of Grime, Scale, Oils in which you need something a bit more powerful like PBW to remove. 

To download the MSDS for this product click HERE.