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Maris Otter

Finest Pale Ale

Simpsons Malts

UK Heritage Barley. Great in English-style beers. Always 100% Maris Otter.

Beer Styles: Cask Ales and English-Style Bitters, Premium All-Rounder
Malt Flavour: Rich Malty
Usage: Up to 100%

Maris Otter’s superior Brewhouse Performance is fantastic. The ‘Rolls Royce’ of malts for the traditional brewer, this legendary heritage barley variety is the base malt for traditional English Bitter beers. Maris Otter has a low nitrogen content and high extract, producing a rich malty flavour with exceptional Brewhouse Performance and beer clarity.

Moisture % 3.7
Extract % d.b 81
Colour ° EBC 4.5 6.5
Total Protein 8.13 9.69
Total Soluble Nitrogen % 3.25 4.26
Kolbach Index 40 44
Glucan in Wort (ppm) 150
Diastatic Power DPWK 140 228