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Blue Lake Milling

Oats can be used in brewing beer to contribute various characteristics to the final product. Here are some ways in which oats are commonly used in beer brewing:

1. Body & Mouthfeel - Oats contain a high proportion of beta-glucans, which contribute to a smooth and creamy mouthfeel in beer. Brewers often use oats to enhance the body and mouthfeel of their beer, particularly in styles like stouts and porters.

2. Head Retention - Oats can also improve the head retention of beer, leading to a longer-lasting foam on top of the beer. This is desirable in many styles, especially those that traditionally have a thick, persistent head, such as some Belgian ales.

3. Haze & Cloudiness - Oats can contribute to the haze in beer, which is desirable in certain styles like New England IPAs. The haze in these beers is often attributed to the proteins and beta-glucans from ingredients like oats and wheat.

4. Flavour - Oats can impart a mild, nutty, or grainy flavor to the beer. This can be a subtle but positive addition to the overall flavor profile, especially in styles where a touch of sweetness or creaminess is desired.

Common styles of beer that may include oats in their recipes include Oatmeal Stouts, Oat IPAs, and some Belgian ales. The exact amount and type of oats used will vary depending on the brewer's recipe and desired beer characteristics.