Regulator Mini Stainless Steel


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Mini Regulator

360 Core Actuator

Sodastream, 16g & 74g Bulb Compatible

Please note this is NOT compatible with the 2.6kg or 6.0kg CO2 Cylinders.

Great for mini keg systems

- Core Puncturing / Actuator - Zero gas lost to screwing in bulbs or Sodastream style cylinders.
- Interchangeable ball lock disconnect orientations (e.g. 45° Premium Ball lock to 90° Stainless Disconnects)
- 6.5mm duotight compatible hose barb (6.5mm x 8mm duotight) can also suit hose and stepless clamps (e.g. 4mm ID, 5mm ID or 6mm ID hose)
- Heavily Protected Mini Guage Dial. (Also interchangeable to different ranges)
- Common Pressure relief valve compatible. (65psi Green PRV as standard, compatible with 35psi Red & 100psi Grey)

1 x Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator
1 x 360° 6.5mm duotight compatible hose barb
1 x 360° FFL Fitting for MFL Disconnects
1 x Port end cap
1 x 65psi Green PRV
1 x Sodastream to 16g thread bushing

Does not include MFL Gas Ball Lock.