Malic Acid 100g

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Malic Acid


Malic Acid is one of the main acids found in grapes & is a natural component of wine.

Malic Acid can play a key role in determining the flavour, acidity, & stability of wine.

  1. Acid adjustment: add to wine to increase the acidity level. This is often done when grapes are harvested from warmer climates, as the grapes can have lower acidity levels.

  2. Flavour enhancement: to enhance the fruity & tart flavours in wine, which can improve the overall taste profile.

  3. Fermentation control: add to wine during fermentation to control the process & promote a healthy fermentation.

  4. Stability: helps to stabilize wine by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. This can help to ensure that the wine remains fresh and drinkable over time.