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Yeast Nutrient 100g


Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™ secures fermentation by:

• Increasing yeast vitality and viability due to ergosterols and yeast vitamin sources 
• Increasing the alcohol tolerance of yeast by the fortification of the membrane with a high level of quality sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

• Significant impact on fermentation kinetics especially under challenging conditions.

Yeast rehydration sterols to maximise fermentation security, yeast viability and vitality.

Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™ is a product developed using the patented, hence unique, NATSTEP® process.

This process optimizes the bioavailablity of microprotectors and micronutrients with the addition of specific inactivated yeast enriched with quality sterols. The oenological sterol yeast souces have been improved to provide a product with high level of quality sterols, and high levels of yeast derived micronutrients, the most superior of the range. Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™ provides the yeast with a high amount of sterols, vitamins and minerals.

Recommended dosage: 30g/hL based on final volume.

Use: Mix 10g Go Ferm per 200g of 40C water. Add dry yeast and let stand for 20min before pitching (23Litre Batch)

Add directly to the yeast rehydration water, mix, then add the yeast for rehydration.