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Fermaid O

Organic Yeast Nutrient 100g


DAP Free

FERMAID® O contains 100% natural yeast derived components rich in organic nitrogen and essential vitamins and minerals. It does not contain any inorganic nitrogen (e.g. no DAP).  

FERMAID® O is at the highest level of amino acids as permitted and defined by the OIV (OIV-OENO-496-2103). The OIV only permits amino acids from yeast source.

FERMAID® O is OMRI Listed, and registered with ACO and BioGro. For market specific organic compliance, please contact your organic certifier.

Recommended dosage: 40g/hL based on final volume. 8g per 20L 

Re-suspend FERMAID® O in 10x its weight in water. Ensure it is well dispersed with no lumps, then add immediately to the tank.