Lallemand Farmhouse Ale Yeast


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Hybrid Saison Yeast

Lallemand LalBrew

A non-diastatic hybrid (meaning it can break down longer-chained carbohydrates) that has been selected to make saison-style and farmhouse style beers (dry saisons but without the pungent sulfurous smell). 

IMPORTANT: Contrary to traditional saison strains, LalBrew Farmhouse lacks the presence of the STA-1 gene, therefore dextrins will not be metabolized and there is no risk of over attenuation and over carbonation after packaging. Basically, it means no bottle bombs.

BEERS TO BREW: Farmhouse Style Ales.

INGREDIENTS: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), emulsifier E491.

FERMENTATION: Ideally at 20-30°C

PITCHING: 11g per 20L to achieve a minimum of 2.5 - 5 million cells/mL




Percent solids 93% - 96%
Living Yeast Cells ≥ 5 x 10^9 per gram of dry yeast
Wild Yeast < 1 per 10^6 yeast cells
Bacteria < 1 per 10^6 yeast cells
Diastaticus: Undetectable
Pathogenic micro-organisms: in accordance with regulation