Lallemand NovaLager Yeast


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Modern Hybrid Lager Yeast

Lallemand LalBrew

A true bottom-fermenting Saccharomyces pastorianus hybrid from the novel Group III lineage that has been selected to produce clean lager beers with distinct flavour characteristics & superior fermentation performance.

A robust lager strain with ideal characteristics for lager beer production including fast fermentations, high attenuation. The distinct flavour profile is very clean, slight esters over a wide temperature range.

In standard conditions Wort at 12°C NovaLager exhibits: Vigorous fermentation that can be completed in 6 days. 

Aroma & flavour are clean with low to medium ester, no sulphur. This strain is POF negative. 

The optimal temperature range for producing traditional styles is 10 – 20°C  

Lag phase, total fermentation time, attenuation and flavour are dependent on pitch rate, yeast handling, fermentation temperature and nutritional quality of the wort.