Keg 20L Ball Lock Oxebar


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20L Ball Lock Keg

Oxebar Monolayer

with Tapping Head Kit

Dip Tube & filter

Fit up to 3 of these badboys in your Series X.1, X or 4.1 (aka XL). 
Or fit up to 6 of these in a Series X.1 Plus!

Not only will it protect your beer from damaging light (amber tinting) it will also keep your beverages fresher for up to 3 times as long due to the Mono Barrier PET Polymer Matrix.
It also comes with a floating dip tube with cage filter. Is easy to undo and stack on top of each-other upside down with disconnects attached. 
The 20L Oxebar Amber PET Kegs come with a Green Pressure Relief valve rated to 65psi.

640mm High
235mm Diameter

Other uses:
- Overflow Homebrew Keg
- Cleaning Keg for Commercial Keg Buyers
- It could be used as a Pressure Fermenter Tank, although we would highly recommend going for the 30L FermZilla Pressure Brewing Kit 

20L Brimful, ideally 19.5L fill for Kegging purposes.
If you are going to use it as a fermenter, we would recommend between 15L and 18L.
When fermenting you will need a spunding valve. We also recommend a BlowTie Spunding Valve, a PRV is a not a spunding valve.

Do not Exceed 65psi

What is Oxebar Mono
Oxebar Mono is a PET polymer blend that utilises several polymers blended together to significantly improve gas barrier properties. When compared with standard PET plastic Oxebar Mono is able to reduce oxygen ingress and CO2 loss so your precious beverage is preserved and shelf life extended by x3. We recommend this product for beer stored in keg up to 6 months.