Gin Botanicals - Juniper Berries


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Juniper Berries

Gin Botanicals 100g

Juniper berries are one of the main ingredients used in the production of gin. They give gin its distinctive flavour and aroma.

The essential oils and flavors from the juniper berries are extracted during distillation, and they infuse the gin with a piney, slightly citrusy taste and aroma. Juniper berries also provide a slightly bitter and astringent taste, which helps balance out the sweetness of other ingredients in the gin.

Option 1

Macerate (crush & soak) in 40% neutral spirit for 24-48 hours. Remove botanicals by sieve or cloth filter. Leave for a further 24hrs and adjust with more botanicals to suit your taste.

Option 2
Run the botanicals through a 2nd pot distillation, collecting in small jars and then blending afterwards to taste.

*You must run a 1st distillation (without the botanicals) to ensure a nice clean product. After 1st distillation, water back down to 40% ABV and run a 2nd time with your botanicals.

Preferred method is the vapour path with a Botanical basket using a pot still (If using a Reflux column remove packing) and run taking cuts in jars until the flavour of the botanicals diminishes or Alcohol is reading 30% ABV.

Blend jars to suit your desired taste.