Gladfield Brown Malt


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Brown Malt


A stronger version of the Biscuit Malt. Brown Malt is made from green chitted malt which imparts good amber colour build up without the astringency from husk damage. This malt gives a dry biscuit, toasted hazelnut style flavour to the beer along with nice amber colour. Brown Malt is ideal for use in Porters, Stouts, Dark Ales or Dunkels in small amounts.

Use: Brown Malt imparts a rich dry biscuit, nutty, light roasted flavour and gives the

beer a deep amber hue.

Rate: Up to 15%

EBC Test Method Specification
Moisture (max) % 5
Extract - Fine Dry 74
Wort Colour 150-200
pH 4.81
Typical Colour 170