Gladfield Biscuit - Amber Malt


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Biscuit Malt

Amber Malt


Made by gently roasting kilned-dried Ale Malt. Our Biscuit Malt is ideal when used in small amounts to give a dry, toasted biscuit finish to light, mild ales and bitters where brewers do not want to add much colour. We recommend our Biscuit Malt in beer styles that call for a dry finish. ESB, Pale Ales and Mild Ales are styles that come to mind. Typical usage rates are 5–15% and are mindful that Biscuit Malt has a typical colour of 65 EBC.

Use: Add Biscuit Malt to impact a dry toasted biscuit flavour without adding much additional colour to the final beer.
Rate: Up to 15%

EBC Test Method Specification
Moisture (max) % 5
Extract - Fine Dry (min)% 74
Wort Colour 40-80
pH 5.15
Typical Colour 65