Gin Profile Kit

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Gin Craft Kit

Gin Profile Range

Still Spirits

Contains 13 flavourings & 1 Adjunct to design & build a range of Gins, your way.

Almond Flavouring
Cinnamon & Cardamom Flavouring
Citrus – Bitter Orange Flavouring
Citrus – Grapefruit & Lime Flavouring
Citrus – Lemon Flavouring
Dark Fruits – Blackberry & Blueberry Flavouring
Red Fruits – Raspberry & Strawberry Flavouring
Floral Notes – Elderflower & Lavender Flavouring
Root Notes – Angelica & Orris Flavouring
Grains of Paradise & Cubeb Flavouring
Juniper & Coriander Flavouring
Liquorice Flavouring
Gin Base Flavouring x 2
Glycerine Adjunct
Syringe + Syringe Extension Tube
Recipe Booklet

Includes measuring equipment & a Recipe Book with recipes to appeal to a wide range of connoisseurs. Advanced users will want to design their Gin completely by taste.

*Flavourings are also sold separately.