East Kent Golding Hops T90 2022 5.7%AA


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East Kent Golding Hops

T90 2022 5.7%AA

A dual-purpose hop, used for both bittering & aroma purposes. It imparts a Floral, Earthy & slightly Spicy flavours & aroma to beer, and is a popular choice for traditional English-style Ales, including Pale Ales, Bitters, & Stouts.

With a moderate alpha acid content, typically ranging from 4% to 6%, they provide a balanced bitterness to the beer. East Kent Golding Hops are known for their low co-humulone content, giving it a smooth & mild bitterness that is well-rounded and clean.

East Kent Goldings is considered a versatile hop, and is often used in combination with other hop varieties to create a more complex hop profile in the beer. Its popularity and widespread use have made East Kent Goldings a staple in the brewing industry.