co2 Gas Refills


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CO2 Gas Refills

Your co2 Cylinder must comply with the following conditions.

  • Bottle must be EMPTY, it is your responsibility to ensure the cylinder is empty on arrival.
  •  A clear & visible date stamp
  •  be within 10 years from its stamp date (MM/YY)
  •  have a standard M30 thread size
  •  be clean and in good working condition
  •  be free of any attachments (such as regulators or check valves)
  •  be free of any contaminants or residue.

RENTAL CYLINDERS - BOC, Air Liquide, Supagas etc & SodaStream bottles are unable to be refilled.


Other sizes between 1kg and 10kg will be charged at the per kilogram rate $15 per KG

We are NOT responsible for any loss of co2 after refilling.

We reserve the right to refuse a co2 refill of your cylinder if it does not adhere to any of the criteria as above.

*In store ONLY