Gin Botanicals - Summer Citrus


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Summer Citrus

Gin Botanical Blend 50g

A fresh summers blend of botanicals to make a Summer Citrus style gin.

Traditional ingredients of Juniper Berries, Coriander seed, Lemon Myrtle, Orange Chunks, Angelica Root with dried Lemon peel.

50g makes Approx 5L of Gin

Option 1

Macerate (crush & soak) in 40% neutral spirit for 24-48 hours. Remove botanicals by sieve or cloth filter. Leave for a further 24hrs and adjust with more botanicals to suit your taste.

Option 2
Run the botanicals through a 2nd pot distillation, collecting in small jars and then blending afterwards to taste.

*You must run a 1st distillation (without the botanicals) to ensure a nice clean product. After 1st distillation, water back down to 40% ABV and run a 2nd time with your botanicals.

Preferred method is the vapour path with a Botanical basket using a pot still (If using a Reflux column remove packing) and run taking cuts in jars until the flavour of the botanicals diminishes or Alcohol is reading 30% ABV.

Blend jars to suit your desired taste.