Christmas Spice Botanicals


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Christmas Spice

Botanical Blend 50g

A Christmas blend of botanicals to make a delicious Spiced Christmas drink.

Add to Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Ginger Beer, Cider, Mead... and the list goes on.

Ingredients: Cinnamon Quill, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Dried Orange, Nutmeg, Cloves, Peppercorns, Ginger Root & Star Anise

50g flavours 2L+ of drink of choice

*Macerate (crush & soak) in 40% spirit for a minimum of 48 hours. Remove botanicals by sieve or cloth filter.


*Throw botanicals in the bottom of fermenter (Crush them up 1st to get the most out of all those yummy flavours) at the very start of of making your Ginger Beer or Cider. Ferment as usual.

*Alternatively run botanicals through a spirit run Pot Distillation.