Cashmere Hops T90 2022 7.4%AA


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Cashmere Hops

T90 2022 7.4%AA

Cashmere is described to be delicate, yet strong with aromas of Lemon & Lime, Melon, Peach, and Tangerine. Secondary notes include coconut, lemongrass, and candied fruit. Some people have even noticed hints of pineapple in the refreshingly tropical blend.

Developed by Washington State University and released in 2013, Cashmere is the result of a marriage of Cascade and Northern Brewer. Fortuitously, it features alpha acids higher than that of Cascade.

Cashmere hops are often used in IPAs, Pale Ales, and other hop-forward beers, where their exceptional aroma and flavour can truly shine.