Biofine Clear A3 - 250g


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Biofine Clear A3

250 Grams

Improves the clarity by instant flocculation of undesired particulate matter such as yeast and proteins

Biofine Clear is a colloidal solution of silicon dioxide in water, complying with all legislation and allergen labelling issues and has an organic suitability status. It also fulfils the requirements stipulated by Reinheitsgebot.

Biofine Clear forms large aggregates with the negatively charged yeast cells, thereby increasing their rate of sedimentation.

It also removes haze forming 'sub-micron' protein particles. This results in longer filtration runs and improved colloidal stability of the beer.

Biofine Clear is classified as a 'Process aid' because it is completely removed from the beer under normal processing conditions.

Biofine Clear Benefits:

  • Reduced storage time
  • Reduced beer losses
  • No impact on beer flavour

Store in cool, dry conditions above 5°C

Dosage: use 10-20ml per 23l Batch.

Add to fermenter after cold crash and let sit for 24-36hrs before racking.

Alternatively dose bottom of keg prior to filling with chilled beer and let sit for 24- 36hrs.