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Has become synonymous with beers with a reddish color. It can be used 100% of the grain bill and is thus ready for use without the addition of further malts. BEST Red X® ensures, with the highest possible process reliability and optimum processability, that reproducibly bright beers with intense red colors can be brewed. The malt was designed for a P12 beer. For stronger beers, due to the higher original wort content, some BEST Pilsener malt should be added proportionally to the bulk to get back into the red range.BEST Red X® has become a trendsetter in the craft beer scene. It can also be used at up to 100 % of the grain bill for whisky and is ready to use without having to add other malts thanks to its good to average enzyme levels.

BEST Red X® produces an exceptionally intense color in the distillate and stands out with a fruity, sherry flavor.

For whisky, also as part of the grain bill in smoky whisky.

Moisture content
% 4.9
Extract fine grind, dry basis % 79.0
Friability % 76.0
Glassiness % 2.5
Protein, dry basis % 12.0
Soluble nitrogen mg/100g Malz-Trs. 750
Wort color EBC 28 32
Wort color L 11 13
Wort pH 5.4 6.1
Grading > 2.5mm % 90.0
Diastatic power WK 200.0