AlcoEngine Reflux Condenser


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Copper Reflux Condenser

*Distillation Lid - Sold Separately 

For enthusiasts wanting to make clean pure neutral spirit.

No more stuffing around with water flow speed!

Some condensers are hard to operate & require fine tuning of the water flow in the condenser, especially if you are using a pressure pump that cycles on & off, or if someone flushes the toilet.

The purity of the spirit can be controlled by two included flow control inserts. These brass inserts come with a 1.0mm hole & a 0.6mm hole.

The smaller the hole, the speed of the spirit coming out will decrease, this will in turn increase your reflux ratio & therefore give you higher purity.

*The 1.0mm insert is good for stripping runs

*The 0.6mm insert is good for the final cut

Alternatively, you can use the ball valve to control the spirit flow too but this is a sensitive adjustment & requires a bit more skill for this type of manual adjustment.

Solid Copper

When your hot spirit comes in contact with copper the copper acts like a catalytic converter and drives sulfur out of the spirit. This process means you get less "off-flavours" and you simply get better quality spirit. 

  • Lead free brass
  • Lead free silver soldering
  • High quality manufacture
  • Super easy to use and will yield results as high as 96% alcohol
  • Australian Design