Air Still Pro Head Unit


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Head Unit ONLY

Air Still Pro

Still Spirits

Upgrade your original Air Still with the Pro Head Unit.

Get all the benefits of the Air Still Pro without the need to purchase a whole new system.

Craft high quality Light & Dark spirits using the Air Still Pro Head Unit with your Original Air Distiller boiler. With a multi-purpose condenser & interchangeable distillation tips, the Air Still Pro Head Unit enables you to produce clean, neutral spirits at up to 90% ABV in reflux mode and flavorsome and botanical-infused products at up to 80% ABV in the pot mode. 

An automated foreshots collection vial captures the first 30 ml of distillate, allowing you to discard foreshots easily. This advanced feature improves safety and saves extra steps in the distilling process. In addition, other reflux condensers may require an input cooling source, such as water, but the Air Still Pro column cools itself.

Please note: The Air Still Pro Head Unit warranty is void if used with any boiler that is not provided with the Still Spirits Air Still or Air Still Pro.

What's Included.
  • Air Still Pro Head Unit with a pre-packed reflux column
  • Botanical basket
  • 2x glass foreshots collection vials
  • Easy-swap distillation tips for reflux and pot modes
  • Distillation tip spanner
  • Starter guide