Hersbrucker Hops T90 2022 1.8%AA


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Hersbrucker Hops

T90 2022 1.8%AA

Hersbrucker hops are a variety of hops that originated in the Hersbruck region of Germany. They are a classic aroma hop known for their delicate Floral, & Spicy aroma, with hints of Earthy & Herbal notes.

Hersbrucker hops have a relatively low alpha acid content (ranging from 1% to 5%) and are therefore primarily used for their aromatic properties rather than their bittering properties. They are often used in German-style Lagers, Pilsners, & Wheat beers, as well as Belgian-style Ales & Saison beers.

The unique aroma of Hersbrucker hops is thought to be a result of their terroir, or the specific growing conditions and environment of the Hersbruck region. They are considered a "noble" hop variety, which refers to their high quality and traditional use in European beer styles.