Gladfield American Ale Malt


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American Ale Malt


Perfect for brewers who have found that our regular Ale Malt adds too much of a malty, toasted flavour profile to certain beer styles.
This base malt has been made from plump low protein Autumn barley varieties and then subjected to our traditional long cool germination period. The grains are then kilned using a special recipe that imparts a typical Ale colour for a cleaner,
less toasted flavour. When brewed, this malt produces a vibrant, clean, yet solid hop‑forward malt profile and is perfect for producing American-style beers. The American Ale Malt offers the brewer scope for innovation and the ability to create beers that are full of character and sophistication.

Use: Base malt for use in hop-forward beers.
Rate: Up to 100%

Shelf life: At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions.

EBC Test Method Specification Typical Analysis
Moisture (max) % 5 3.5
Extract - Fine Dry min% 79 80.5
Extract - Coarse Dry 79.5
Extract - Fine As-is 78
Extract - Coarse As-is 77
Saccharification time 10 10
Odour Normal
Wort Colour 4.5 - 5.5 5
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.45 - 1.75 1.65
Kolbach Index 35 - 41 38
pH 5.7 - 6 6
Diastatic Power (WK) min. 160 200
FAN (mg/l) min 120 135
Friability (min) % 85 91
Glassy Corns (max) % 2 0.5
P.U.G. (max) % 5 1.5