Pressure Fermenter Apollo Snub Nose 30L


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Are you’re looking for an affordable fermenter package that will let you easily ferment your brew under pressure without the hassle of cleaning extra valves and accessories?

That’s exactly how the Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter can help you take your fermentations to a higher level of perfection!

Apollo is simple to set up and you’ll get all the benefits of pressure fermentation right out of the box with no need to upgrade or buy more parts.  You’ll get great, easy to clean, easy to use features that make pressure fermentation fun.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, The Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter is the right choice for brewers looking to spend less time disassembling and cleaning their tanks so they can get more time enjoying the outstanding beverages they’ll make with the benefit of pressure on their brew.

Pressure fermentation means you’ll be able to ferment and carbonate in your Apollo.

Once carbonated and chilled, you can either drink the carbonated beverage right out of the fermenter or you can do OXYGEN FREE closed pressure transfers to your kegs or bottles.

Closed pressure transfer is the best way to fill kegs and means that your newly filled keg can go straight on tap, saving you time and protecting your amazing beverage.  

To undertake proper closed transfer, carbonation and draught service processes, you’ll need a CO2 Gas Cylinder and CO2 Regulator.

With a smarter conical shape plus the world’s strongest Australian Made clear PET tank material, Apollo Fermenters are the highest evolution of the original Fermentasaurus PET Fermenters first developed by Keg King in 2016.  


Yes!  Apollo's lid is wide enough to get your arm into the tank for cleaning.
Yes!  Apollo offers the features as a standard than any other PET pressure fermenters. 
Yes!  Apollo is manufactured in Australia right here in Springvale, Victoria
Yes!  Each tank is individually pressure tested!


Get our Apollo (Fermenter King) 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter PLUS a Spundy Compact Spunding Valve at one low price!

Apollo 30L is the newest P.E.T. pressure fermenter in our range with the highest level of fermentation control. 

Paired with the Spundy, it's a full, ready to use pressure fermentation control system!

Get this deal and get your fermenting under pressure with precision pressure control from our Spundy Compact Spunding Valve.


With this Kit you'll be able to:

Ferment Under Pressure - Select the pressure setting you require from the x3 PRVs included and the SPUNDY SPUNING VALVE

Dryhop Sanitarily - Use the Dry Hop Port in the lid

Carbonate in the Fermenter - Pressure Rated Operation up to 35psi and pressure tested tank up to 5 Bar

Monitor Internal Temps - Use the thermowell with your temp controller's probe to get accurate liquid temp readings

Serve Directly From The Tank - Hook up to your tap and use Apollo like a keg

Get Oxygen Free Keg Transfers - Move your fermentations to keg or packaging without introducing oxygen



572mm to lid + 30mm to top of posts.

405mm wide