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  1. Cassie, I’m trying to uetrnsdand this a bit.. I have to spend $50 or more to get 20x the points, but are there certain products that give off more points than others? Also, you’ve mentioned that the total has to be BEFORE taxes and you can apply coupons AFTER the $50, for example, I spent $55 including tax but have $20 in coupons, even though I spent $35 I should still get the 20x points? Right? Finally, when using coupons is this valid on free stuff or B1G1? Thanks!

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Free Shipping applies to all orders over $100* and under 5 kg in weight.

Multiple coupons can be used


All coupons are to be added in the shopping cart and are the green codes listed below

Edwards Spirits 3 for $30
USE COUPON - es3430

Small Classics 3 for $30
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Classic Yeast 3 for $25
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Top Shelf Spirits 5 for $35
USE COUPON - tss5435

Top Shelf Liqueurs, Creams or Schnapps 5 for $35
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Samuel Willards Smooth Range 3 for $30
USE COUPON - swsr3430

Large Classics 5 for $55
USE COUPON - lc5455

Free Shipping
USE COUPON - freeshipping

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