Edwards Cranberry Vodka


A classic dry, crisp, fresh cranberry flavoured vodka. Perfect for shots or with soda or lemonade for a refreshing long drink. Can also be used to add a twist to a traditional martin. Makes a total of 3.5 litres when made as directed.

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1 review for Edwards Cranberry Vodka

  1. Cecep

    Wow!!! I alternated bteween laughing out loud and staring in wonderment watching this. You guys definitely got game.What stood out for me David, is how much you trusted technique copycat , and you technique went first with that in a way that your friend just went along with you into a level of fun-ness I haven’t experienced before.I had an aha moment watching this around the whole presumed difficulty of having to pay attention to the pitch of your voice (which has been an offputting thing about Mandarin before) that’s one of the very things that makes technique copycat so fun and so irresistable here.Wow.More please!

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