If your wash has reached 990 (right at the top above the 1000 line)  on your hydrometer you can be assured that it has finished. If it hasn’t reached this level there a quite a few reason for it to be ‘STUCK’ That is the term we use for a wash that hasn’t reached the desired level on your hydrometer. The information below is a guide for a wash using 8 kg of sugar and turbo yeast.

How long has it been down? – at least 5 days for an 8 kg sugar wash

What temp did you keep it at? – constantly  between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius is ideal

What temp was it when you pitched your yeast? – High 20 s in winter and low to mid 20 s in summer

Is it possible that it got to hot in the first 24 -48 hours? This is very important, see the yeast and temperature section on this F.A.Q. page.