Most Liqueurs are best when enhanced with the recommended liqueur base.

You can use a combination of sugar and glucose but this is often messy and difficult to handle and often not as accurate as this method.

Here’s a simple way to get your liqueurs to be thick and sweet with just the right balance like the store bought ones. Using still spirits products as an example, measure the recommended amount of spirit into an 1125 ml bottle and then add the recommended base, whether it be Red  Base A, B, C,  or  Blue Schnapps,  through a clean, dry funnel. Put the lid on and shake this until the base is all dissolved. This can take a few minutes and can easily be done while you are sampling something you’ve previously made. when you’re satisfied that the base is all dissolved, add the required essence and top the bottle up with a little water to the 1125 ml mark.

Cream Liqueurs  can often be thought of as difficult to mix. This is my fail safe way. Using a plastic jug with a minimum  capacity of 1 litre, measure 250 mls of hot tap water into it. Then slowly add the full packet of cream base stirring continuously  with a fork. I continue to stir well until its mixed and dissolved completely, and there are no lumps left. Then I pour it through a funnel into an 1125 ml bottle and add the recommended amount of alcohol and the bottle of essence. I always store my cream liqueurs in the fridge once I’ve made them up. They keep indefinitely this way.