If you follow these instruction precisely you will get a perfect result from your Turbo 500 or Air still every time.

  1.   Pour 8 kg of dextrose or sugar into a sterilized 30 litre fermenter. Half fill with hot tap water and stir well until the sugar is completely dissolved. This is very important, if the sugar is not dissolved its harder work for the yeast to turn it into alcohol.
  2.   Top up to the 25 litre mark with cold tap water. Keep you eye on the temperature as you may need to adjust it with hot water or ice before it gets to the 25 litre mark. Its important to have the correct temp before you add your yeast. Aim for High 20s to 30 in winter and low to mid 20s in summer 
  3. Do not leave it to cool over night as this can allow airborne contamination to set in.
  4.    Sprinkle yeast on and stir for 30 seconds then add turbo carbon and stir well. Wet you lid before seal it up and putting your airlock in place. Allow to ferment for a week at a constant temp 25 -30 degrees. Try to keep under 30, this can be achieved in summer by wrapping wet towels around your fermenter. In winter you’ll need a heater to help finish the fermentation process. (see ‘can you tell me more about yeast’)
  5.   After a week check your wash with a hydrometer. You need the final gravity reading to be 990. This is at the top of your hydrometer above the zero. Some hydrometers read this as 90
  6.   Your wash is then ready to be cleared using turbo clear. Follow the instructions on the packet precisely.